Saturday, 13 September 2014

How our kits differ from others.

Before staring our business we needed to check out the competition, so we cooked our way through several different Curry Kits that are readily available. On the whole, I thought most of them made a good meal. But what I was surprised to find (with all but 1 of the kits we tried), was how much effort was still required in order to prepare a meal.

 On the whole, most of the kits still required the cook to buy, peel and chop extra ingredients, such as onions, garlic and ginger. Some even called for fresh chillies. I found that the time and effort was just the same, as if I was to cook a curry from scratch. So it was obvious to me, that our Curry Kit needed to be as simple as possible, with minimal input from the chef. But obviously without compromising on taste.

This was quite a big challenge, and believe me, we tried all sorts of different methods of how to add onions, garlic, ginger and chillies to our Curry Kits. After all, this addition is what would help to set us apart from the other Curry Kits available. I bought a dehydrator, just a regular domestic one. I then sliced onions and garlic and dehydrated them for use in our kits. The flavour was amazing, and I knew we had found the way forward. I also picked and dehydrated the chillies that my husband grew in our poly tunnel.

Once again, I was more than happy with the results. The only thing was, my dehydrator, which took 8 hours to dry out the food, only made enough for about half a dozen kits...Oops!! It was obvious that we needed to source these ingredients from elsewhere and after much searching, we finally found a great company, who could supply us with really good quality, dehydrated onions and garlic. We also managed to find another supplier who provides us with 3 different chilli varieties. Finally, we were all good to go.

So when you do buy one of our Curry Kits, you will see that there are 2 sachets included. The first will contain all of your ground spices, which we hand-blend. The second will contain onions, garlic and whole spices. (The whole spices differ depending on the kit).

All you need to do, is to add your liquid and either meat, fish or vegetables. I'm proud to say that I believe our range of Curry Kits are one of the simplest kits available. Our Curry kits are also super healthy and we never, ever, compromise on quality or taste.

Want to look at our lovely Curry Kits?

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