Monday, 1 September 2014

Our journey so far...

When we initially started our business, we thought our target market was young, single men (no offence intended), who didn't know how to cook! How wrong we were. It quickly became clear to us that in fact our Curry Kits were being snapped up by the busy working men and women of Bury St Edmunds, that loved food and healthy eating, but didn't want to spend hours preparing a meal from scratch for themselves and their families. 

A lot of our kits that started out being very spicy were toned down to accommodate our customers needs. After all, we can tailor make the kits to suit, so if someone wants their kit spicier, we can add more chilli. 

We also listened to what our customers wanted. Whilst the initial 8 Curry Kits were flying off the shelf, we were asked time and time again for a Korma! Personally, I'm not a massive fan of mild, creamy curries, but we needed to meet demand. It took us 2 years to perfect the recipe. Finally we cracked it. Trying to get the colour right was a challenge as we never use any colours, preservatives or additives in our kits. Due to the amount of white spices used, the Korma often came out with a grey tinge! We got there in the end though.

We also developed a Limited Edition range of Curry Kits, they were supposed to enhance our menu for just 3 months, but when we tried to take them off, our customers complained! So the Chicken Vindail, Slow Cooked Pork Curry and Coconut Prawn Curry are now a firm fixture on the Curry with Love menu. 

Over the years, we have also developed a small range of side Curry Kits, which include Bombay Potatoes, Pilau Rice, Spicy Spinach and Potatoes and Curried Tomatoes and Spinach. They are designed to compliment our main Curry Kits.

We recently updated our logo, website and packaging with help from Mum and I really felt that we needed to try and build our brand identity, and show what we are about: A homemade product, with a personal touch

For Mum and I our main goal is to provide our customers, new and old with good service, a great, authentic product and a healthy approach to eating. 

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